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Solid Surfaces 

We Supply Mirostone & Staron products - Widely used throughout the industry

Solid surfaces are a modified acrylic which gives you the look and feel of natural stone surfaces. 

mirostone & Staron - Are the two brands we use .

There worktops are solid throughout, making them extremely versatile and easy to work with.

Solid surfaces are 100% waterproof, non-porous and the joints are inconspicuous.... making it one of the most hygienic surfaces around.

with seamless joints it makes for endless possibility's 

Popular features/ benefits  

As Suppliers and installers of solid surfaces, we can create the perfect worktop to suit your every need and budget 

Worktop Installation in Chester using Mirostone 

After templating, the fabrication of this job was done all in our workshop, which allows us to just complete the final steps of joining and finishing the worktops on site. 

And as you can see below it became virtually impossible to spot the worktop joint. And that is something you just wont get with quartz.

Other Projects 

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